What to Expect

What To Expect In A Typical Acupuncture Session?

During the first session, we discuss in detail your health conditions and the problems you would like me to address.

I would then formulate a treatment plan to address your complaints and help you get better.

Acupuncture Point selection is critical to ensure we relieve your discomfort.

The first session includes an acupuncture treatment session as well.


The treatments are done in a comfortable room with ambient lighting, music and temperature.

You would lie on a treatment table and would be adequately draped while I put acupuncture needles in the chosen points.

Most acupuncture points are chosen on arms and legs, distal to your elbows and knees as there are more nerve endings that would conduct a therapeutic response.

In TCM we say that Qi is more superficial in these areas and we can have a bigger impact on balancing the body by choosing points in these areas.

The option to get a treatment on a massage chair or a comfortable chair is also available for those that have difficulty lying down.

What if I have Pain?

If you have any pain or discomfort or tightness of chest in the body, you may start feeling relief of symptoms as the needles are being inserted. 

How Long Is The Session?

Needles will be left in your body from anywhere between 30 minutes to 60 minutes, and I will check on you periodically to ensure you are comfortable in every aspect.

How Many Sessions Are Needed?

For results to be long lasting, it is recommended to have a few sessions in quick succession so your body stays in this new mode of being balanced. During every followup session we would check your progress, presenting symptoms and treat accordingly.

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